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Human Capital / Investments / Start-up Resources


We work with different companies and a variety of projects. From construction and software development, to fintech start ups and CFO-consultancy. Our resource pool is diverse and our aim is to be the complementary resources that makes your idea, business or project go from good (or not so good) to great!


In short: Human and traditional capital, invested in the ideas that we believe in and want to see succeed. If the choice is between coal or solar, we chose the latter. Not a stated “green philosophy”, but an aim to make a positive impact.

Human capital

Our most precious resource. Years of experience by trial and error (and success). We want to be “hands-on”, contributing by using our experience on all levels.


Because human capital is not enough. If the “chemistry” is right, we invest. Our only guarantee is that we will not remain passive.

Start-up resources

We invite projects we believe in to come sit next to us in our office, together with other interesting people (entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors). Coffee is included.

The Team

Magnus Nøkleby
+47 977 41 818

Christoffer Herheim
+47 928 30 879

Mats Gerø
+47 402 10 794

Fredrik Husevåg
+47 932 48 572

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have an idea, a business problem or if you just wanna come by and say hello!

Husebybakken 28B
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